Inova Diagnostics Launches Next Generation EIA/IFA Processor to Help Ensure Integrity of Patient Results

San Diego, CA, US - December 21, 2017

Inova Diagnostics, a worldwide leader in IVD systems and reagents for autoimmune disease in the clinical laboratory, is pleased to announce the global launch of QUANTA-Lyser® 3000. 

QUANTA-Lyser 3000 is a fully automated EIA (enzyme linked immunoassay) and IFA (immunofluorescence assay) processor.  QUANTA-Lyser 3000 represents the next generation of EIA and IFA processors for use in the clinical laboratory.   

QUANTA-Lyser 3000 addresses many shortcomings of manual EIA and IFA processing.  Existing methods for EIA and IFA testing currently utilized in many laboratories are time and labor-intensive and prone to transcription errors. The 240 capacity sample deck reduces the number of daily interventions while four independently operating probes provide fast turnaround time.  The washable probes eliminate the need for costly disposable tips. 

QUANTA-Lyser 3000 improves assay traceability for EIA and IFA protocols using an onboard camera that automatically scans 2D reagent barcodes.  The 2D barcodes provide reagent identity, lot number and expiration date information from Inova Diagnostics reagents to ensure assay integrity.  In addition, the camera automatically scans NOVA Lite® IFA slide barcodes to ensure positive patient identification throughout processing and creates a paperless workflow for EIA and IFA testing.

QUANTA-Lyser 3000 introduces individual well washing and the ability to pipette IFA slide mounting media to further automate testing.  IFA slides are processed in proprietary carriers that can be directly transferred to NOVA View®, an automated digital IFA microscope, without the need to handle individual slides.

About Inova Diagnostics, Inc.

Inova Diagnostics is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California, and is a part of Werfen, a global leader in IVD with a long term commitment to providing innovative solutions for hospitals and clinical laboratories to improve patient care.  Inova Diagnostics manufactures IVD systems and reagents for autoimmune disease, and is a leader in the development and commercialization of new autoimmune technologies and diagnostic markers.  Further information about Inova Diagnostics can be found at 

QUANTA-Lyser, NOVA View and NOVA Lite are registered trademarks of Inova Diagnostics.

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